Randori Framework Lightning Talk: Slides from HTML 5 Denver UG.

On Monday I had the pleasure of giving a lightning talk on the Randori Framework at the HTML 5 Denver User Group. For those that are interested, here are my Randori Framework slides.

Also, a shout out to the people that helped me while preparing for the presentation:

  • Leif WellsNerd Radio host and Creator of the Google Maps sample.
  • Michael Labriola – Creator of Randori Framework, creator of the 007 sample and extremely knowledgable technologist.
  • Roland Zwaga – One of the Randori developers and provider of juicy technical info.
  • Michael Schmalle – Compiler architect and wicked smart bad-ass.
  • Garth Braithwaite – Co-host of Nerd Radio. I’d like to thank Garth for having me on the show and letting me speak about Randori and give a shout out for RealEyes Media and the HTML 5 Denver User Group.

Enjoy the slides, follow the peeps above, and definitely check out Randori!