Professional Flex 3 has been officially released, grab a copy and download our source code.

According to Amazon, our Professional Flex 3 book by Wrox has been released today Professional Adobe Flex 3

Also, the source code for our book has been released this week

The source code is free to the public, so feel free to have a stab at it.  However, you will enjoy it the most if you’re using it along with a copy of the book.

Now you may be thinking, hey, they just released the Flash Builder 4 beta, and Flex 4 SDK has been available on the open source site for a while now.  However, there’s things covered in this book that are still applicable and will be for some time.

  • With Flex 4, we’re still using a Builder based on Eclipse
  • With Flex 4, we can still use Halo components
  • With Flex 4, we still use MXML and ActionScript
  • With Flex 4, there have been enhancements to debugging and profiling tools, but the core remains the same.
  • With Flex 4, if you use Cairngorm it’s still the same Cairngorm…

There’s many other things that remain the same and keep this book relavant, but I’m hungry now and gonna get some lunch.

So..grab some code and grab a copy of the book!

Professional Adobe Flex 3