Jun BAD! 360 Flex GOOD!

Register and attend 360 Flex – conference GOOD – all the cool cats will be there!

So yes – Jun BAD – I’ve been so swamped with projects I have only blogged once so far this year. (What a pitiful excuse) Anyway, I’m posting my second blog entry of the year to entice you all to attend a very hip and happening event for Flex and AIR developers.

360 Flex Atlanta –> http://www.360conferences.com/360flex/

Take my advice and register now! It’s in less than two weeks. If you need more than just me saying it’s cool to entice you, here’s three good reasons:

  • 360 Flex is where history is made…Doug McCune “underriding” a very organic and entertaining open forum on custom component development: http://www.colettas.org/?p=173
  • 360 Flex is where cool things like charity code jams and API contests take place.
  • 360 Flex is a conference all about Flex and AIR…attend the conference and get your fill!

So get registered and get down there and I’ll see you there!

Oh and one more thing…I’ll be speaking. It’s gonna be a Session 2.0 mix of two that I did last year with revisions that were driven by attendee feedback. If you’re a 200-level developer and want to hear about memory management and optimization come hang out. :)

See ya’ll in ATL, yeah boii!